Sometimes I feel a more vivid sense of presence and breath in a recorded sound source than in a live music concert that I experience in person.
The exaltation and imagination that stirs up through earphones evoke a new image in my mind.
I use them as the starting point of my painting work.
Instead of briefly replacing the inspiration with paint, I try to recreate the images that come to my mind through actual video shooting.
First of all, I create stage sets and dolls that will act as the characters of each scene.
Then, repeat video shooting until a satisfactory cut is made, and cut out one frame from the sequence that becomes the sketch of the painting.
In this process, the obscurity noise is removed from the original image, and the selection is repeated many times to bring it closer to the ideal.
It becomes a process of objectively analyzing the initial impulse, and while keeping a certain distance from my own emotions, it is indifferently replaced with an independent painting with an image that can be shared with others.

My current work focuses on “contemporary youth.”
It does not mean mere youth, but youth as an unstable, unknowable, uncategorized and undifferentiated image that does not know how it will branch out and develop in the future.
I would like to draw portraits of young people with a hybrid atmosphere that looks like real people, virtual avatars, and anime characters through the production process that crosses digital and analog, by referring to the people around them and the musicians I am interested in.
They are also representations of curiosity about the unknown, and my own will to move forward by trying to touch the mysterious energy.

In the age of subscriptions, we are enjoying a lot of content as data on demand. It is a change from the situation in the past where people often experience entertainment culture by using their senses in combination with peripheral matters, such as visiting movie theaters or experiencing being surrounded by CD jacket artwork at rental store etc. Recently, it is more often completed simply only by hearing and sight.
There may be something that amplifies by limited information.
Recently, I have been thinking about this and letting my imagination take over, creating works with the sensation of converting input data and outputting it within myself.